Josh Bradshaw (The Guv'nor)

Name: Josh Bradshaw
Position: Striker
DOB: 18/12/1991
AFC Derbyshire Record: Played 85 Scored 165
Known as: JayBe, The Guv'nor.
Josh Bradshaw is the capain and manager of AFC Derbyshire. He is know for his amazing goal record, and tight angle finishing. The Guv'nor had a firey temper, and has been known to pick up a few red cards in his career, Never the less Josh has an amazing talent and will score every match. The cocky centre forward has swagger, and knows he is good......most goals he scores are followed about 'shhhh'ing' the opponents. 

Zach Bradshaw (Severe Lag)

Name: Zach Bradshaw
Position: Striker
DOB: 10/11/1994
AFC Derbyshire Record: Played 81 Scored 69
Known as: Bradshaw, Severe Lag
Zach Bradshaw is another strker at AFC Derbyshire, although he doesnt score every game is work rate in legendary. His never say die attitude has turned matches for his club. Always the first on the training ground and last off Zach is becoming a popular figure at AFC Derbyshire. The partnership he has with Josh is amazing.

Ryan Jardine (The Tank)

Name: Ryan Jardine
Position: Midfield
DOB: 26/07/95
AFC Derbyshire Record: Played 84 Scored 27
Known as: The Tank, Arj
Ryan Jardine is a very talented midfied player, who will run his legs off every match, The tank is the joker of the team, but will always pull out a 10/10 performance when needed. The career highlight of this young star is the 35 yard volley he scored to book AFC Dervyshire's place in the cup final. Which they went on to win 3-0.

Adam Deighton (Blue Haired Wonder)

Name Adam Deighton
Position: Midfield
DOB: 8/5/95
AFC Derbyshire Record: Played 19 Scored 7
Known as: Blue Haired Wonder, Smurf Bummer
Although Josh does not know Adam, he agreed to sign him after seeing the scout reports from Mr Jardine.  Adam had a slow start to his AFC career but really kicked off with a goal in the final of AFC Derbyshires 3rd cup win.

Mark Carney (The Canary)

Name: Mark Carney
Position: Midfield
AFC Derbyshire Record:
Known as: The Canary
Mark Carney
is a new singing to the club, and one that will prove to be a great capture. Carney has a single minded aproach to the game, and is very much a team player.